Friday, 18 December 2009


Have just been asked to do an Editorial for a newsletter by Well Fit based
 here in Cornwall....on Pilates (what else?) this is a trial run

 Peace, Prosperity & Pilates

The 8 principles of Pilates include precision, focus, concentration, you move with precision, you focus on each muscles you are using, as you concentrate and work through the class you may feel muscles you never knew you had, and as you embrace Pilates in your daily routine as well as weekly classes, your body shape changes, friends notice your shape changes, you may look taller as your spine lengthens, neck lengthens, shoulders  are drawn away from your ears.  Anyone who has been practicing Pilates for a while knows all this to be true, and knows the deep stabilising  abdominal muscle is just the start of it, as the whole body is retrained to be balanced throughout .
So as you relax(hopefully!) throughout Christmas & the New Year, maybe starting Pilates and changing your body is going to be a New Years Resolution for you, if so, welcome aboard! Its not just for Rehab and bad backs, its for everyone.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Abs, back, maintaining a strong back for life..if you have back pain or not!

maintaining a mild contraction of the abdominal wall can help ensure sufficient spinal stability, but for some its not as straight forward as it some tend to push the abs out..lie on your side, rest your head on a pillow/cushion,place your flat palm against your lower abs, just below your navel, push the abs out, now draw them away from your hand, do it start to tie your breath it, exhale as you draw the abs in inhale as your release, have another go...try about 8 times, now do it seated and standing, dont squeeze your glutes though (bottom muscles!) as this is deep work, the deep ab muscle thet strengthens your back is attached to your spine and is below 3 other muscles, keep the work deep..

take time to look at your hip bones, are they level? is one higher than the other?
Stand up, look at yourself in a full length mirror, is your bum tucked underneath you, or is it pushed away from you?  have you never looked before? start from now, and look look at the TV everyday so why not take a few mins and look at your body everyday..dare you!

To reduce your back pain tuck your tailbone under, then push it away from you, s-l-o-w-l-y..repeat 5 times...then stop halfway between these 2 positions...your pubic bone (dont be shy!) and your hip bones are all on the same level arent they?? check! if not make the adjustment, even if its a centimetre.
2 basic things to put you on the road to a stronger back for life, now all you have to do is remember and use this all the time, 24/7, at work and back injuries usually happen when you are distracted, when you are lifting something at work and not concentrating, when you take the washing out of the machine , bending and rotating the torso as you pull the washing out..focus on your position until it becomes 2nd nature, take care of yourself!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Level 3 Pilates Instructor..ooeerr..responsibility...

yes, I passed, at last...I was as nervous as a nervy thing...thanks to everyone for their kind words and the cards..very kind as always..but anyway...back to I'm concentrating on classes and 1:1's..its getting busy folks ..!

Im going to scan some attachments later, not now as about to wander off to teach. These attachments are pics from Stuart McGills back care book, Ive been back on it, reading up about disorders and how we move from day to day.. its about distinguishing hip flexion from lumbar flexion..sounds technical..maintaining a mild contraction can help ensure sufficient spine stability too.

try this...take a broom or a feather duster, and imagine  a big nasty cobweb in one of the top corners of the lounge...get rid of it, (maybe theres one there already!) but stop before you lift your arm, look at your pelvis, your back, as you reach are you in neutral or are you sticking your tailbone too far out, arching your back? even a simple task like this will cause your back to twinge...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Neutral vs Tucking

Ive attached a link...have a will take 5 mins of your valuable time and your abs, back and whole body will love you for it..this is why we dont TUCK the pelvis I was taught for a couple of years....Neutral pelvis ..please...if you go to a Pilates class and the teacher tells you in the first 5 mins to tuck your pelvis under and doesnt then go on to say go into neutral.. then leave the class...take your valuable Pelvis our of there pronto kiddo...its not rocket science..and it take seconds to say in a excuse really...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hip Flexors

(sorry, I just love the Calvin & Hobbes humour...)

Your hip flexors....bless them...mainly your Psoas which is your primary hip flexor starts at T12 (thats the last one in the line of your Thoracic vertebrae) is snuggled up to all of your Lumbar vertebrae runs through your pelvis and attaches at the top of your femur, your thigh its a busy thing, did you know its about 12inches long? blimey! And...thats not all...because of where it is, its responsible for all lower body movement...never has a day off..
So think about it next time you get lower back pain, its more than likely your Psoas giving you grief, maybe its a bit unbalanced, a bit tight on one side (theres on each side of your vertebrae)  so whats a bloke/chick to do about it?  well...what do you think the answer is....give you a begins with P and have the letters  i l a t e s after it....

BUT dont be fooled that just any old Pilates class will do it....ask your Instructor where they were trained, who by, how much they invested in that training, how long was their cant be taught in a weekend...can they answer your anatomy questions, do they know the modifications, do they know your posture type, do they know the equipment used in Pilates, can they tell you about Joseph Pilates and the history of the many Pilates moves are there..whats the breathing called and where do you breath from and why? whats the best position for your spine and pelvis to be in? why is it 30% and why not more than that and if you come across a teacher that says its more than that (say 80 - 100%) what are the consequences to your body? How do you effectively activate your deepest ab muscle that makes you strong, makes your abs flatter, cinches you in at the waist, stabilises your pelvis, reduces back pain...why use that muscles and not your 6 pack (rectus abs) why why why??? Ask........

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Springs & Resistance

Welcome to the Reformer...this is another Joseph Pilates works with springs as resistance, you add them and remove them depending on which part of the body you are using or which Level of Pilates you are currently experiencing..or if you have a hangover and wish to take it easy today..

These are great bits of kit, theres so many moves from the Mat you can adapt for the Reformer, but the Mat is the place to start so you get used to the terminology...Neutral Spine, Lateral Thoracic Breathing, Powerhouse - what it is, where it is and how to use and activate it, strength..know your posture type, know your muscles..

If you know someone with a Reformer see if you can have a demo, and see what the benefits are. They arent cheap though, and you need a big room to put them in!
Ive got a cheaper end model which is OK, it compliments the Matwork, introduces you to leg work you can transfer to the matwork too.
No Reformer?? No Room? doesn't matter...get on the Mat..perfect your pilates routine, get stronger, aim to do the Teaser without any struggle and whilst breathing fluidly without tension, that should take you a while..get a Pilates Circle and a band to work with resistance..the Circle was created by JP as well for a good resistance workout on the Mat

I had a chat with someone yesterday who saw a Reformer on QVC and wishes to buy it...great!!!....but do some Mat classes first to introduce you to the Pilates world, as this isn't just another fad or exercise machine like a Treadmill or exercise bike..this should be used as often as possible and correctly, in Neutral Spine, with stability in your pelvis, activating your centre..your TA..if you dont know what the heck I'm going on about, check out a well trained pilates teacher for the answers..then get a Reformer or you may find it gets used as a clothes horse..just like your old exercise bike you sold on ebay...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Stuff about stuff

New love?? The sea and the sand....I dont like the depth of the sea but Im ok in the shallow bit...its powerful and can sweep you away in a second (sounds quite romantic.. if it was a bloke!!)
maybe its my age and experience that makes me more wary of the dangers (again...sounds like a relationship thing going on here! though not so sure how the word "experience" makes me sound..)

Love the wetsuit, love the body board, though I think I will be a fair weather surfer chick, not up for a surf in the rain, unless its with a gorgeous chap in the warm rain of somewhere rather nice...cant see that happening in Cornwall, although its somewhere nice, when it rains it usually cold and miserable, though I'm willing to be persuaded! Maybe...

Love spending time on the beach with Jo and Sally-ann, and their hubbies, Paul & Mike...missing Phill & Jamie, I think I more or less invited myself to the beach fun, but was made to feel very welcome ..thanks guys! Roll on next Summer!!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Reading lots of big words..

I love reading, recently its all been books on Pilates, I counted them the other day...I now have 33 of them... ranging from stretching books to standing pilates, Pilates for older people to Imagery for alignment...if you want to borrow a book just ask! I am the Pilates Library of Portreath..

Today, Im re-reading Stuart McGills Lower back Disroders, this is a great book..I bought it when I first started on the Level 3 anatomy exams and wanted to know more, I came across Stuart McGill through the internet , hes American , is extermely experienced and knowledgable on the body specialising in the lower back, movement and rehab exercises. What I love about his attitude is that hes open minded but he has his own lab where he experiments his theories on actual people, his facts are scientifically backed with real evidence, so it works..
Prevention is better than cure (so find out more about your body, your stabilising muscle for your Pelvis, your Transversus..get stronger!) But if all you have left is cure to look forward for...then surely going for cure the right way with specific correct precise exercises is the way forward..? Big pat on the back to those who have already been practicing Pilates, big WHY NOT to those who havent..
I'm on page 207 of 273, got a bit more to get through yet ..!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Sea & Me

I dont have a great relationship with water...& being a Pisces you would think that was a bit weird as we are supposed to LOVE the sea being the sign of the fishes if you believe all that stuff...having nearly drowned as a kid on Brighton beach under the Pier, I've hated water ever since, but I managed to pass my 10 meters at school..just..but I dont like going under the water...even in the shower..the fear of drowning.! (in a shower?! are you mad flower?...well...yes..)

So it took a lot of courage to get in the water with Jo & co this week, but so glad I did, I think it was hearing about Jo beating her water fear and going in the sea, it helped me to do the same.
We all went again today! The sun was out all morning until we got to the beach, then the clouds rushed over to greet us, buggers..

But we had a great time anyway, Phil & Jamie hired proper boards and did some standing balancing acts ...I was very impressed ....these two are great fun, shame they don't live down here!
Sally-ann & Mike were just zooming along, they were going so fast, Mike was steering with his board...hes just asking for a speeding ticket!
Jo had her new rash vest on, as did I and new shoes..lilac!! thanks Jo!!
Cant wait for next time, almost annoyed I cant go on Monday, but Tuesday is looking VERY likely, just before Body Combat!

Friday, 4 September 2009

My Book

Ive had a little idea...trouble is seeing it Im starting with determination..being positive and all that idea?? Im going to write a kids book....
Dont laugh!! I heard you...When I was 18 I went to Nursey Training College in Eastbourne, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up (still dont) and as my older and wiser sister went to college to train as a Nursery Nurse, it seemed the path to follow, plus I think mum wanted me to get out of the house after secondary school and do something with my life...fair of the projects we had to do was to write & illustrate a kids book, I did mine on a little girls imaginary friend , having read a kids book by Nanette Newman on a similar storyline..funny what you remember isnt it?

Can I just say..I LOVE kids books, take me to Waterstones and I will be lost in the kids section for ages, I adore the illustration in some of the books, they are gorgeous, and some of the books are hilarious,my fave a couple of years ago was about a Mole who had a poo on his head as an animal had dumped on him as he came out of the ground..and he had to find out who it was so he investigated all the different looking poo's from Cows to Goats...loved it! Can you see how it appealed to my sense of humour? I also love reading books like this to kids, when I worked in a Creche in London (ages ago!!) my fave time of day was storytime at the end...hilarious..their faces are a treat to watch as their eyes widen as they listen more it..

This is the mole book ..I bought quite a few copies and gave them as xmas pressies to family & friends...& they still speak to me to this day...I also love Charlie & Lola!  ...they bought out a song..The Bestest in the Barn..I downloaded it to my i-pod and I play it when Im sitting at the airport waiting for the flight to Gatwick when off to London for the next part of the Pilates makes me smile!
Anyway, my idea.. I think I should keep it quiet, I did write it down as a comment on a friends blog, which Ive now deleted in case the idea gets STOLEN!! My inspiration I should also keep quiet as he may be offended, dont think he will be but dont want to push it, not that its based on him but it helped the idea form in my head...and hes not getting any royalties! (maybe a Pint & a Pasty next time I see him as a thank you then..)
So Im going to find the time (ha!!) in between teaching Pilates, practicing Pilates, doing Pilates lesson plans, accounts, ancestry stuff ...usual cooking/cleaning/housework, feeding chickens and turkeys etc  
I know how I want the book to look and the way I want it told, but figured if Katie Price can do it then why can't I??  Ah yes, I need enough cash to pay someone to write it for me...Im doomed then!! maybe they will do it in exchange for a Turkey?

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I love it...whats your favourite and effective image you have in your head when you are relaxing in class at the end..or what helps you to relax???

Golf..getting small white balls in a hole whilst walking around a lot....

Golf is hard work, its physically demanding & strenuous, you need balance, you need control & focus on your game, you walk a lot so you need to have endurance and want to play your best and avoid injury above all.. Pilates for Golf...yep, theres a Pilates for everything, but this got me thinking as I looked at Pics on a Blog belonging to a friend of mine - Sally-Ann, who had posted pics of her grandkids and her son, Simon, practicing their Golf Swing... golfers..

 ....they may have poor core strength...that elusive Transversus stabilising muscle, if you have no idea where it is or how to activate it then you probably are unaware of your posture type and muscle imbalance in the body that could be holding you back, maybe you are not very flexible or not very mobile in the spine, stiff knees & want to improve your balance... If its a good day and the grey matters switched on , I can sometimes see what posture type you are fairly quickly, most common is Swayback...but theres also Kyphotic..your thoracic spine may have a  C curve as you address the ball, tucking your bum under, locking out your would love the Swan Dive & Spine Twist, work on extension and strengthen your shoulders too ..this goes for Swayback too..working your back in extension is just the best..Swan Dive when done correctly is just lovely for your back & posture, think how much time in a day you are in Flexion, its not just in your golf game that you flex forward..when you do your shoes up, open car door, shopping, getting dressed, making coffee/tea, reading, eating..on the computer..Swan Dive addresses the imbalance.

Then theres Lordosis, S curve posture,a pronounced curve in the lumber spine, sticking your bottom out, chest thrust further forward...can you see how your posture will affect your swing, and this is where Pilates comes in...correcting the imbalance and strengthening your Transversus will start to bring your pelvis back to where it should be, and whilst that is happening, your hamstring tightness will start to release, your knee pain will  receed as you strengthen and realign your Quadriceps (group of 4 muscles running down front of your leg) your lower back niggles will diminish , shoulder tightness will release as your back becomes stronger
Carrying a heavy bag with clubs in will also affect your posture, neck, back, shoulders. The twist involved in a golf swing affects the spine, particularly an unstable spine, side bending, picking the ball up, walking walking walking, standing still, leaning into your will not be the only one..theres heaps of Pilates moves I could teach you to improve your game..ask me and I will show you, or come to a class..hmm, if it wasnt a slight monsoon outside and I wasnt thinking of building an Ark, I may take a trip to Tehidy Golf Course ...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Necking..its all in your posture..and your chin..and your job..and and and and..

Your Shoulders & Neck...when you first start Pilates your TA is probably an unknown muscle to you and hasnt had a lot of practice bless it....(bet you know where your 6 pack is though, man or woman, this muscle is plugged and given Nos 1 billing in all the magazines..every bloke want to show off theirs if they can, and work it hard to make it more defined, but doing sit ups only gives you a bad back and neck pain..a tight 6 pack gives you a bad back, so see you at Pilates soon..but I digress as thats yet another subject.....)

Yes...where was I...Neck and Shoulders...After just one class you may not feel like you have relaxed shoulders, but you may be more aware of the muscles in that area and of the tightness you have, & by practing Pilates regularly, your tension will diminish and other muscles that are supposed to be working are strengthened to release your upper back & neck...strengthening your Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) releases Upper and Middle Trapezius tension. Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body...

Daily Neck stretches...easy does it though, (don't force it), help to release tension, stretch every hour if you work at a computer, or have a job that keeps you in an awkward position over the day (there are many...masseurs, chirpodists, doctors, nurses,hairdressers, primary school teachers etc etc)  strengthening weak underused muscles is the place to start & what we are aiming for.  
Forward Head Posture is very common, tuck your chin in, not too much so you lose your chin in your chest, just gently does it...retrain the deep neck flexors..think of your posture often, address it, look at yourself side on in a full length mirror, ear above shoulder? or is it far forward of your shoulder, knees locked, hips thrust forward, bottom tucked under? Not correct posture if youve answered yes..but thats for another day to address... its a big subject..
BUT...heres the crunch (get it?!) doing a class with 8 people in will not do it at first if you have a particular really need to start with a 1:1 or grab a friend and share the cost and do a Duet (a 1:2!) at your house, or come over to mine, or go to a Rehab or Gentle Pilates class(we do these on a Wednesday morning,if you cant make it ask for another class to be set up, we can look into other times!)
You will have time for a chat during the class, specific moves just for you, yes you will have to pay more, but then its always worth it as you get more out of it, you will progress quicker and then can go onto a class situation once you have the basics and know how to move without pain, tension, how to activate your T.A, how to activate your Lats, how to feel the release of tension and focus, concentrate on your shoulders melting down your back towards your Pelvis, release your tight Pec Minor muscles, they are small but do a lot of forward pulling on your shoulders, cheeky things.
Signing off with an image for you...imagine your head on a set of train tracks, move your head forwards on these tracks, your chin will point outwards, now bring your head back on those tracks, in alignment..think of doing this often, as you will forget and the chin will start to edge back out on those tracks again, take it back to the buffers..

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Free trial class August 2009

We had a packed 9am class for us chicks who haven't done Pilates before...8 lovely ladies, all with different reasons for attending and all different ages and abilities...yep...the class was aimed at beginners but with some challenging moves also, with different levels given, we used the circle and weighted pilates balls, and resistance bands...after a warm up we got down to the mat with a roll down to lie on the back to challenge the TA connection and soften the ribcage by doing Heel Slides and Bent Knee fall out, then combined them. Going into most peoples fave..Shoulder Bridge, with the challenge to bring a bent knee into the move, as long as that pelvis could be kept level and not dip..then Scissors with bent knees..challenging Bridget a bit further with straighter legs (she teaches spin classes!! Phew!) Side kick with the circle for added resistance, onto the front for Swan Dive, Swimming, turning to the front to sit for Roll Up, Saw, Shell Stretch, Hip Flex Stretches, Spine Twist, 100 & Rolling like a Ball tucking that chin in & using the TA to move and balance , a few leg stretches, neck stretches to finish..lovely...there was loads more I wanted to do but we only had an hour!

And I could hear the chaps outside ...I handed out some info on class times and Pilates Portreath, but didnt have time to go into anymore detail, had a quick chat though with some of them, main reason for the classes?? To get more people interested in Pilates & to show them the benefits for their posture, back, shoulder, knees, neck, wrists, abs, all the muscles, abs...well thats everything isnt does it long as your Instructor holds a Pilates Qualification you shopuld be fine!

So ....if you want stronger abs, flatter lower abs, be better at your sport whether its running, swimming, golf, rugby, horseriding, ski-ing, surfing, netball,football etc etc, I cannot tell you how much it would benefit you to try a class, see how it works, and keep practicing....stop slouching at the computer, sit straighter, taller...strengthen the lower back, stretch the hamstrings, release shoulder tension, make life a bit easier improve your posture as you maybe a Swayback, Flat back, Kyphotic Lordotic type.....thats for another class though...maybe a whole morning on posture types and assessments...I can feel another idea forming in the little off??? Are you kidding?? I'm posture assessing whilst going around Tesco!!!  

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Today..we live & learn...& a massage!

So I went to Body Balance at The Leisure Centre twice today(Wednesday)....once this morning & once this afternoon, then had a Duet at 6.30 - my friend Kim and Debbie..shoulders, hip flexors and backs!!! I just had time to squeeze in 30 mins on the Pilates legs are feeling stronger..!
I know some of the moves in Balance are really not quite right, but when you know the Pilates principles and you know about your TA and how to avoid twisting your back, how to stabilise your hips and pelvis, avoid bracing your torso, how to breath laterally & thoracically(sorry, that word doesnt look quite right) how to feel lengthened and stretched...the class isnt too bad, and Amanda was on form I enjoyed it and met up with a mate I hadnt seen for a few weeks and had a nice chat, so was in a good mood!
The Duet was fun, we used the good old foam rollers...I now have two of them!! yay! Funnily enough it made Kim feel a bit seasick, so we didn't stay on it for long..we did the arm openers, Kims been doing massage/reflexology/reiki for years and is amazingly amazing, but as shes always in a bent over and twisted position, her muscles are tight on one side of the torso creating an inbalance..its nice to get the chance to do these smaller classes so you get a chance to look at your client closely and see & work on  those unbalanced muscles more specifically.Time went so fast, before we knew it the hour had turned into 80 mins...but we HAD to do Swan and Rolling like a Ball, plus some stretches for the shoulders...which we are doing on Thursday by the way! Seated warm up...shoulder releases, simple subtle stretches...
I had a massage with Kim on Tuesday afternoon, was lovely, it was the Reiki & Reflexology bit that topped it off...chilled me out as Ive been on the computer doing heaps of Pilates paperwork ..and Family Tree stuff head was buzzing like an old computers hard drive whirring...need a massage? Go & see Kim, shes great , she listens and shes also not charging £40 an hour!! 

Thursday, 20 August 2009


In the class tonight, we used resistance bands, green ones...we mimicked the leg work from the Footwork on the Reformer..Ive managed to get hold of a reformer, ok its not a posh Stott or posh Balanced Body one, or even a Pilates Mad one...surprisingly I don't have over £2k to part with plus I don't have the room, so have bought a £100 jobbie that folds in half..amazing bit of kit as well, so far have just managed to do the footwork and some of the leg work with the ropes..leg circles are fun..mermaid is lovely...looking forward to doing heaps more, and then will do little half hour Pilates sessions for anyone that wants to have a go...

but still love the matwork theory...looking forward to getting onto the Teaser and the Boomerang, but still love the one leg circle, and now loving the side lying series - side kick, side leg lift, side leg circle, staggered legs..have got a way to get that side bend going, thats on the cards for next week, its such a lovely move when its done right and theres no tension in the upper body..gorgeous...and you cant do that on a reformer...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I first came across Rossetti in London (obviously not the person as he is long gone!) when I was working in Picadilly Circus in a restaurant..I went to the Tate Gallery on a rare day off and there was a Pre-Raph exhibition on..I fell for the paintings immediately, adoring Rossetti & Burne Jones the most, Millais painting of Ophelia was amazing..and to see so many paintings up close in their original state left me speecheless, and became a fan forever...had a poster of Rossettis Prosepine on my wall for years, believe it or not my hair used to be like that...and had a copy of his sisters poems, Christina Rossetti.

havent told many people this as had more or less forgotten my passion for these paintings, I dont have any in the house as the walls have pics on cornwall everywhere! and I wouldnt be able to decide anyway as i like so many of them!

But have to say I'm not that impressed with the BBC2 series on them..bit boring really and makes them look foolish..but nice to see the story being told!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Shoulders (knees & toes...knees & toes...)

When I started training with the Pilates Institute (PI for short!) the focus was on, naturally, the TA(Transversus Ab) as the training has deepened and my brain storage has released more space for me to take a bit more info on board...its also about the shoulders. Your core is your torso, think of a dot to dot drawing and draw a line from your right hip up to your right shoulder, across to your left shoulder, down to your left hip and across to your right hip...this is your core, your powerhouse.

Nearly everyone has a shoulder issue, even if they dont know about it..during class its common for someone whos done just 2 - 3 classes (who came to pilates to strengthen their abs...nothing else..) to say they have a tight neck or shoulder, as if it was secondary to wanting tight abs... just on Monday night one lady is a teacher and spends her time bending over desks at the primary school, her muscles between the shoulder blades are weak, and the muscles at the base of her neck are tight..having a massage will help release..but the problem reoccurs unless you regularly move and exercise and strengthen the muscles to permanantly address the problem.
So Ive been leafing through the good old Alan Herdman books, he is truly my best Pilates book author..dont be put off by the models used in the books...some of them are elderly in Pilates Plus for the over 50's, but the exercises treat conditions that we ALL have no matter what our age, its a shame it says 50plus on the cover, but then he does excel in Rehab Pilates for injuries, and slowly slowly (catchy monkey!!) is the way to ease tight muscles to release..

So have attached a couple of scans from a couple of his books for shoulders...please do them everyday, twice a day....takes 10 minutes of your time, maybe do them at a set time each day so you know its PS time! (pilates shoulder!) once at 9am once at 3pm, or once at 3pm once at 10pm..whatever suits your day! But do it for your shoulders, please release them (let them go....tra la la...) and make them softer but stronger so the muscles do what they are supposed to do, support your shoulder blades and your arm movements, not tighten up and cease to work efficiently..other muscles then start to do the work and cause even more problems..thats another story!

If the type on the pics is hard to read tell me and I will let you know what they say ..!

Friday, 17 July 2009


Pilates Retreats...

Oh my word, if you can, click the link below, awesome a price..but thinking about this retreat idea, my mate Julie who's doing the Matwork training course with me, is up for the idea of getting together to offer a Pilates Retreat , hopefully next year if we can find a resort to do it, or may start a Pilates retreat weekend over here including massage/facials etc good food, good vino and good Pilates morning and evening..preferably in the open air and even trying out a Reformer machine...nice time to be had by all...its on the agenda!


Saturday, 11 July 2009

How tired am I ?

Did another 3 hour workout today at the leisure centre in Carn Brea...Body Combat, attack, Jam & Balance is a mixture of Yoga & Pilates, and although I love the music and the flow, its a killer if you have a bad back as most of the moves are advanced...and gthey change the routine every 3 months so you dont get bored, fair enough, but most of the ladies in the classes are going to get relief from back pain, or have issues that can only really be resolved with a balancing of the musclesd in their body, bettering their posture, and thats a if I get up in time tomorrow(Sunday) Im off to a Body Balance class, and will ask the teacher for a modification for one of the moves as its tough on the back and I dont want to do that move...DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! But its lying on your back, both legs straight in air, (abs in of course...) now slowly lower both legs to the right and hold, back slow to centre then opposite side, hold, repeat..ouch...if theres no modification then Im sitting it out and will not be going back, may even revoke my membership as Im going less and less now and doing Pilates more and more and seeing it makes more sense to do Pilates, and you get a great workout once you progress further and use the Circle, bands, ball and even the Reformer, but thats next year!