Sunday, 30 August 2009

Free trial class August 2009

We had a packed 9am class for us chicks who haven't done Pilates before...8 lovely ladies, all with different reasons for attending and all different ages and abilities...yep...the class was aimed at beginners but with some challenging moves also, with different levels given, we used the circle and weighted pilates balls, and resistance bands...after a warm up we got down to the mat with a roll down to lie on the back to challenge the TA connection and soften the ribcage by doing Heel Slides and Bent Knee fall out, then combined them. Going into most peoples fave..Shoulder Bridge, with the challenge to bring a bent knee into the move, as long as that pelvis could be kept level and not dip..then Scissors with bent knees..challenging Bridget a bit further with straighter legs (she teaches spin classes!! Phew!) Side kick with the circle for added resistance, onto the front for Swan Dive, Swimming, turning to the front to sit for Roll Up, Saw, Shell Stretch, Hip Flex Stretches, Spine Twist, 100 & Rolling like a Ball tucking that chin in & using the TA to move and balance , a few leg stretches, neck stretches to finish..lovely...there was loads more I wanted to do but we only had an hour!

And I could hear the chaps outside ...I handed out some info on class times and Pilates Portreath, but didnt have time to go into anymore detail, had a quick chat though with some of them, main reason for the classes?? To get more people interested in Pilates & to show them the benefits for their posture, back, shoulder, knees, neck, wrists, abs, all the muscles, abs...well thats everything isnt does it long as your Instructor holds a Pilates Qualification you shopuld be fine!

So ....if you want stronger abs, flatter lower abs, be better at your sport whether its running, swimming, golf, rugby, horseriding, ski-ing, surfing, netball,football etc etc, I cannot tell you how much it would benefit you to try a class, see how it works, and keep practicing....stop slouching at the computer, sit straighter, taller...strengthen the lower back, stretch the hamstrings, release shoulder tension, make life a bit easier improve your posture as you maybe a Swayback, Flat back, Kyphotic Lordotic type.....thats for another class though...maybe a whole morning on posture types and assessments...I can feel another idea forming in the little off??? Are you kidding?? I'm posture assessing whilst going around Tesco!!!  

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Today..we live & learn...& a massage!

So I went to Body Balance at The Leisure Centre twice today(Wednesday)....once this morning & once this afternoon, then had a Duet at 6.30 - my friend Kim and Debbie..shoulders, hip flexors and backs!!! I just had time to squeeze in 30 mins on the Pilates legs are feeling stronger..!
I know some of the moves in Balance are really not quite right, but when you know the Pilates principles and you know about your TA and how to avoid twisting your back, how to stabilise your hips and pelvis, avoid bracing your torso, how to breath laterally & thoracically(sorry, that word doesnt look quite right) how to feel lengthened and stretched...the class isnt too bad, and Amanda was on form I enjoyed it and met up with a mate I hadnt seen for a few weeks and had a nice chat, so was in a good mood!
The Duet was fun, we used the good old foam rollers...I now have two of them!! yay! Funnily enough it made Kim feel a bit seasick, so we didn't stay on it for long..we did the arm openers, Kims been doing massage/reflexology/reiki for years and is amazingly amazing, but as shes always in a bent over and twisted position, her muscles are tight on one side of the torso creating an inbalance..its nice to get the chance to do these smaller classes so you get a chance to look at your client closely and see & work on  those unbalanced muscles more specifically.Time went so fast, before we knew it the hour had turned into 80 mins...but we HAD to do Swan and Rolling like a Ball, plus some stretches for the shoulders...which we are doing on Thursday by the way! Seated warm up...shoulder releases, simple subtle stretches...
I had a massage with Kim on Tuesday afternoon, was lovely, it was the Reiki & Reflexology bit that topped it off...chilled me out as Ive been on the computer doing heaps of Pilates paperwork ..and Family Tree stuff head was buzzing like an old computers hard drive whirring...need a massage? Go & see Kim, shes great , she listens and shes also not charging £40 an hour!! 

Thursday, 20 August 2009


In the class tonight, we used resistance bands, green ones...we mimicked the leg work from the Footwork on the Reformer..Ive managed to get hold of a reformer, ok its not a posh Stott or posh Balanced Body one, or even a Pilates Mad one...surprisingly I don't have over £2k to part with plus I don't have the room, so have bought a £100 jobbie that folds in half..amazing bit of kit as well, so far have just managed to do the footwork and some of the leg work with the ropes..leg circles are fun..mermaid is lovely...looking forward to doing heaps more, and then will do little half hour Pilates sessions for anyone that wants to have a go...

but still love the matwork theory...looking forward to getting onto the Teaser and the Boomerang, but still love the one leg circle, and now loving the side lying series - side kick, side leg lift, side leg circle, staggered legs..have got a way to get that side bend going, thats on the cards for next week, its such a lovely move when its done right and theres no tension in the upper body..gorgeous...and you cant do that on a reformer...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I first came across Rossetti in London (obviously not the person as he is long gone!) when I was working in Picadilly Circus in a restaurant..I went to the Tate Gallery on a rare day off and there was a Pre-Raph exhibition on..I fell for the paintings immediately, adoring Rossetti & Burne Jones the most, Millais painting of Ophelia was amazing..and to see so many paintings up close in their original state left me speecheless, and became a fan forever...had a poster of Rossettis Prosepine on my wall for years, believe it or not my hair used to be like that...and had a copy of his sisters poems, Christina Rossetti.

havent told many people this as had more or less forgotten my passion for these paintings, I dont have any in the house as the walls have pics on cornwall everywhere! and I wouldnt be able to decide anyway as i like so many of them!

But have to say I'm not that impressed with the BBC2 series on them..bit boring really and makes them look foolish..but nice to see the story being told!