Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Running & Pilates

If your passion is for running, you are dedicated to your sport, out training in all weathers and all times of day, I admire that! I always think of that when I pass a runner in the cosiness of my car ..

You also are open to injuries in the lower limbs, calves, ankles, achilles tendon..and the precious lower back..uneven surfaces, poor technique, incorrect footwear, excessive training all contribute.
So how do simple slow precise Pilates moves help? Its for flexible dancer type Females isnt it?? This is a myth..!!

 If you already do Pilates, you will know its not easy, as you have to concentrate , actually think about what you are doing and think about your body..from the inside..something you dont do in other classes!

Common Injuries.. Sciatica, poor posture is one of the causes, leg length difference is another. Tight Piriformis muscle..this can irritate the Sciatic nerve, you get pain in the buttocks and possibly down the back of the leg.

Iliotibial Band..a main cause for lateral knee pain, its thick tissue on the outside of the thigh from the outside of the Pelvis, over the hip & the knee, so you can see the many issues you get if its tight. It will bow the knees, and pronate the feet, the lower legs turn inwards creating issues above the knee in the hips as well, then the back as well.

Hamstrings..back of the thigh, insert at the sit bones and run down to the back of the knee..3 muscles..warming up before you run helps reduce strain , especially in winter..stretching them effectively reduces strain on these 3 very important muscles.

Calf strain..the calf is the Gastrocnemius, what a cool name!
Plus the smaller Soleus muscle. They get tight and need stretching, again warming up before running is helpful to reduce strain, as is stretching after the run..

Achilles Tendonitis..the largest tendon in the body! connecting the calf to the heel..it gets inflamed through overuse or through degeneration of the tendons. If you turn the foot whilst running..you will get tendonitis..a change in footwear, calf weakness, tight Gastroc, excessive pronation of the ankle pulls it off centre..

 Plantar fasciitis...causes the heel to ache, feel hot or swells..the fascia is inflamed. Poor foot posture, prolonged sitting or excessive running can be causes, wearing shoes with inadequate arch supports, a tight achilles doesnt help either.

Can you see that a tightness in all these muscles leads to injury, incorrect technique is a major factor..foot muscle strengthening is important good flexibility in the lower limbs is important..and great footwear is a bonus.

Theres many Pilates moves that help all of the above, but dont expect a class to me fast, furious and dont expect to "feel the burn" Its not a hard workout class, well, not in the beginning anyway...starting with the foundation and working your way up..bit like running really, you wouldnt start your running career by buying a pair of cheap shoes and running a Marathon the next day and expect a time of 2 hours 15 minutes, so why expect to go to a Pilates class and expect to see a result immediately and understand whats going on in your body in under 60 minutes in a class of 8 people who have totally different needs to you..they may just be going to a class to get flat abs!
So, find a great Pilates teacher, if your budget cannot be stretched to personal training once a week , see if you can sign up for one a month, or just one hour and pay for a personal programme for you to do at home whilst attending the classes...this information is invaluable to improve your muscle function..reducing injury..spend more time running effectively ..isn't that what you want to do..?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

3 tips for Fat Loss you can do NOW..

Wander over to your Kitchen cupboards and have a good look at your tins and boxes of cereals...grab a black bin bag..and throw away the following:

1. Breakfast cereals ... all of them..even if they say they are healthy (Special K, Alpen, Jordans, Dorset Cereals..)
2. Throw away carbonated drinks..diet and non diet coke, lemonade, fanta etc AND Alcohol!! (has your jaw just dropped and you've lost interest, suddenly you dont want to loose fat anymore that much? Alcohols more important!)
3. Sugar - chuck it out, including Honey..(shock horror!)

How empty are your cupboards now..as most things will have sugar in them, including ready made convenience foods in the fridge and freezer..

WHY should you do these and why will you feel better for it?

1. All Breakfast cereals have sugar in them , sucrose, glucose, fructose..doesnt matter how they dress it up... they change the name.. its sugar and will leave you wanting more sugar a few hours later, its an energy draining food.You will not lose the belly fat if you keep on munching cereals.
2. You know Coke etc is full of sugar so dont buy it. Diet drinks contain fake sugar, its also in diet foods like weight watchers stuff. Its bad for the health and leaves you craving sugar again! Check the Labels on your food, and check again. Alcohol ..sugar...cut it out, don't buy it, don't have it in the house...please dont think..ahhhh, just one glass wont hurt.. as it will lead to another and another, before 3 bottles a week have gone (or more did you say?) and the fat is still there on your belly, thighs, arms...& you wonder why you are still fat..

3. As the above, sugar is fattening, everyone knows that. The body cannot tell the difference between Sugar and Honey, so Honey is on the sugar list..sorry!

4. Just as a bonus..drink more WATER.

..now is a good time to start..if you really want to go for it, get a water filter as it removes all the chemicals in your tap water, and oh my god theres loads of those...
Bottled water..the best ones are Evian and Volvic.
Brita water filters only removes Chlorine. The chemicals remain .
How much water to drink? Get a 2 litre bottle of Evian/Volvic and drink it through your day..this does depend on your weight, but this is a guide, some of you dont drink water at all,(tea & coffee 'count!) so you can start this today, feel more awake, more alert, flush out the breakfast cereal toxins and start to drop some fat. Your urine should be clearer!

If you are still here ...you cannot carry on eating sugar filled foods and expect to lose fat , keep it off , and keep fit and healthy. Theres a difference to losing Fat and losing Muscle..so weighing yourself doesnt always work...Change your Lifestyle..and start Now..not tomorrow!
Your new motto for your fridge door?

                             "you cant out-train a bad diet"

Theres heaps more info on foods, changing routines, sleep and why you cant sleep or wake up at certain times..all to do with what you eat, change your lifestyle, change your diet, change your nutrition, or stay the same, and still be the same a month, 6 mths, 12 mths down the line..its not just about losing fat, its about being healthier, having more energy, feeling more alive!! 

More posts to follow, hand outs for my clients, and nutrition and fat loss workouts coming up, so keep an eye out for these!