Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I am back - phew! Bands and muscles!

I havent posted anything here for a while, mainly due to being tied up in nutritional training and starting up fitcamp sessions for clients wanting to lose weight , shape up, asess their diet and be healthier and fitter.

But today, I was in Truro holding Two Personal training sessions, one client had just returned after recovering from a hysterectomy, we went gently, but she did some great glute medius work, (side lying legs and oyster) shoulder bridges, leg slides, bent knee fall out and shoulders strengthening with the thera band. Im sure her legs will be feeling it later! she did so well and was pleased with what she could do, bless her!

My second session was with a lady who plays tennis once a week, had a knee replacement a couple of years ago, and due to the Dr .telling her not to put weight on it, has developed a side ways lean, all her weight is now resting on the right side,the left shoulder is raised and the ankles are tight, especially the left one. So in her first ever Pilates session, we concentrated on ankle and hip mobility, thoracic stretching and mobility, side lying legs, glute work in the shoulder brisge as well. The hour flew by and she was very pleased she could do the moves and stretches we went through, so was I!
Theres a modification and moves for everyone , no matter what brings you to Pilates.

Thats the beauty of it.Thats why I love it!