Friday, 23 April 2010

work your arse off!

I love my job! I love teaching classes for beginners as you can see the concentration on their faces  as we go through the hour, finding their sit bones and why they are important, finding their Lats (Latissimus Dorsi) and why its important to use them, finding out why they hold tension in their shoulders and how it can be released, finding their Glutes and how to "switch them on" ...finding out their posture type, how their pelvis is tilted and then of course, the deepest abdominal muscle, the Transversus Abdominals.

 I also love teaching the next level and Intermediates, as we can challenge ourselves a little bit further, going into the harder moves which are so much fun!

Then theres personal training,going to someones house or they come to mine, a 1:1 or a couple of friends sharing an hour, we do different things we don't/can't do in a class situation, using the foam roller, use Franklin balls, use the Combo Chair (at my house) Stability Ball, and they got a more personalised routine, made to fit their posture type and any issues they may have with their back/shoulder/knees or especially Osteoporosis or Scoliosis clients who wouldn't benefit from an everyday mixed level Pilates class.

Then theres Rehabilitation Pilates, I love this too, as you can see the benefits so quickly, and you are dealing with clients who are scared to move, who want to improve, desperate to be stronger, even if its just to be pain free when getting out of bed and walking down the street.

I love all dimensions and aspects of Pilates, sometimes I wish it wasnt called that as not many people know what it means, some who have been attending gym based mass turnout classes arent even aware Pilates was a bloke who created the moves and why he did, but it has become so popular recently, so hopefully the message is reaching more and more people, the benefits being felt in more and more bodies...

and then, once they've discovered the Matwork, theres another few doors to open to discover the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder & Step Barrel, Ped-a-Pul, Magic Circle, Cadillac, Arm Chair..and the moves you can take from some of these to the mat using props like a resistance band and/or a foam roller/small inflatable ball and/or Stability ball.

So come on then if you've never tried it before, learn what your Psoas is and why its so important to your body and how it will make you stronger! Its fun ! Its hard work! Your abs get flatter and you get 100% more than that..Bonus! Its better than a BOGOF deal!  Experiment and enjoy! Put your excuses in the bin....get your trackies on and a t shirt, and book a class..see you soon!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

we're on the road to nowhere..

Spinning..Ive tried to like it..really...but I don' crime in that of course, but its supposed to be a major calorie cruncher..or is it?

One things for sure, its creates shortened Hip Flexors anterior tilt in the pelvis, short neck muscles, tight upper trapezius as the chin juts out, shoulders lifting up ,weakened glute muscles which all go to affect your posture, your back, your shoulders etc etc...
the very least you could do (apart from not going to a Spinning class) is to stretch them out if you are totally addicted to spinning..or your back pain wont get any better, havent got back pain yet? wont be long then if you spend time on the spinning saddle.
Educate yourself, or find someone who will tell you the facts. Be aware and use the deep core Transversus Abs to strengthen the back & torso, lengthen the spine, melt the shoulders down the back is sooo important, Pilates and Flawless form isnt all about the core..use the principles in every day life to reap the benefits 100%.

See the spine in this diagram? The Psoas(Your primary Hip Flexor, it lifts your leg..) is the first red muscle attached to the vertebrae..theres one each side of the spine (but not in this diagram). it snuggles each side of the lumbar spine and runs through your pelvis to the top of the Femur to the lesser trochanter , thats just in from your pubic bone, about a quarter in along the upper thigh where it meets your body.

Don't you think Metabolic Interval Training burns more fat than Spinning..research says Yes..and it also says that it carries on burning long after you've finished (24 - 38 hours!) I'm my attention for sure! and in less more double spinning classes when you've got better things to do with your time.

Don't let your subconscious fool you though, its no miracle workout, looking at your diet is crucial to loosing the FAT..don't think you can work hard then eat crap every day, its not happening ..but allow the occasional "fall off the wagon" but don't beat yourself up about it, you are only human, get back on that wagon and keep going in the right direction.
...the information is out there folks, you've just got to be motivated to want to look for it, read it and act on it..sitting on the bum wont work the butt cheeks (your glutes!) thats Spinning out again then!!
this is one of my faves for firing them though..
Shoulder Bridge..with one leg raised before you start, knees in line, drawing the sit bones towards each other to fire those sleepy glutes, same rules apply as usual with the shoulder bridge , hips level, wide collarbone, shoulders drawn down the back, even weight in the feet, knees in line with the sit bones..aim for 10 each side with focus on 100% quality of the movement
Too much for your back to deal with right now? 
Start with alternating heel lifts once in the shoulder bridge "ski slope" position, once you can manage these with perfect form go on up a notch to alternating knee within your level, and when your technique is flawless, challenge yourself, maintaining that flawless technique of course...every exception..