Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kinetic Chain Assessments?

Ive recently been training with Dax Moy in Islington, London http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com/
learning all about KCA(Kinetic Chain Asessments) I have completed 14 , I needed to do 10 for my studies, and have found many interesting anatomical things with each one I have completed.

The latest is with a lady in Helston, who has back pain, which isnt uncommon in Lordotic posture types, as the pelvis is anteriorly tilted. I stand my client by a plumbline at first, and take their photo so they can see for themselves , then we go through the assessment highlighting facilitated and inhibited muscles in the body which contribute to back/shoulder/knee/ankle/neck pain.

This time, the KCA showed her inner unit was weak as were the gluteals, the rectus femoris and Iliopsoas were facilitated as were the pectorals. The Rhomboids and middle trapezius were inhibited, her right shoulder blade is winging, showing facilitated pec mimor and inhibited serratus and lower trapezius.
Forward head posture is noticeable in all of the assessments, with the head migrating forward of the plumbline cauing a lot of strain in the neck, shoulders and lower back, for every cms forward of the plumbline, the body has to cope with the weight of an additional head, a lot of force for the body to cope with.

KCA are interesting, reading the body and how it compensates, where the weaknesses and strengths lie, how to correct them to ensure your body works more efficiently, working towards your goal for a stronger effective less painful body to ensure health and wellbeing in the mind as well as the body.

Mel Collie

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I am back - phew! Bands and muscles!

I havent posted anything here for a while, mainly due to being tied up in nutritional training and starting up fitcamp sessions for clients wanting to lose weight , shape up, asess their diet and be healthier and fitter.

But today, I was in Truro holding Two Personal training sessions, one client had just returned after recovering from a hysterectomy, we went gently, but she did some great glute medius work, (side lying legs and oyster) shoulder bridges, leg slides, bent knee fall out and shoulders strengthening with the thera band. Im sure her legs will be feeling it later! she did so well and was pleased with what she could do, bless her!

My second session was with a lady who plays tennis once a week, had a knee replacement a couple of years ago, and due to the Dr .telling her not to put weight on it, has developed a side ways lean, all her weight is now resting on the right side,the left shoulder is raised and the ankles are tight, especially the left one. So in her first ever Pilates session, we concentrated on ankle and hip mobility, thoracic stretching and mobility, side lying legs, glute work in the shoulder brisge as well. The hour flew by and she was very pleased she could do the moves and stretches we went through, so was I!
Theres a modification and moves for everyone , no matter what brings you to Pilates.

Thats the beauty of it.Thats why I love it!


Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday

The suns out! get outside before it changes its mind! get your Vitamin D intake for the day.

I was up early, fed the chickens, let them out for a run and a peck amongst the weeds, picked up 2 eggs and poached them for breakfast with swedish rye bread and organic plum tomatoes.

Went for a walk around the village and on the beach which was starting to fill up with windbreakers and ice cream .
Now Im home, practicing Pilates for this weeks classes and correcting the internal domes, which is such an easy portable way to check your posture and muscular inbalances as you go through your day.

Align Pelvic floor,  diaphragm, breast bone(Sternum) soft palette of the roof of your mouth..think of them as your internal domes or spheres and balance them on top of each other. Each time I do this its usually my head thats too far forward, this creates tension in the shoulders and the lower back, all the way down the chain to the knees and the feet.

Balance yourself out x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Busy doing lots of stuff

As the classes are pretty much stuffed to overflowing, I needed to find another place to teach. My sister always was the lucky one, opportunities just landed in her lap,  and I always had to go out looking for mine!
Not so this time! I am a member of Network Cornwall, a FREE (Yes..FREE!) site that has about 4k members (all female too) advertising businesses, looking for people to help them fix things, recommending people(builders, massage, whatever!) and a general forum for a chat,also on FACEBOOK under Lets Link Up where a few of us say Hi !! and put a face to a name and advertise our wares. Why don't you join it? Its an eye opener to whats going on in Cornwall and how many people are working for themselves or asking for your assistance or advice, where you can ask for assistance or advice as well, its like having heaps of real Friends in cyberspace but you know they are on your doorstep, so to speak.
One of these members runs Blue Lotus Therapy Centre at Scorrier House, and got in touch after reading my emails on Pilates, Boot Camp & Stretch classes. She has a spare room for hire, so looks like I can have more Pilates classes available on Thursday mornings , Tuesdays as well, but going to start on one day a week and see how it goes. Ive got to fit in Boot Camp classes as well, as it seems you all want to lose Fat and be healthier, have more energy & know the truth about your food and metabolism to get that sluggish feeling a kick up the backside.
Looking at the calendar, I may need a few extra hours in the day, but those hours I would like at night so I can sleep for a couple more hours!
Im now preparing like mad for Saturday Mornings FREE Pilates for Charity.
Check details on www.pilatesmad.co.uk
Hoping for a great turnout, but it seems Ive picked a Saturday when most cannot make it due to Holidays or Kids being around, never mind, another one in September will follow for a different charity, got to do what you can, and if you can do it, then why make excuses, just get on with it!