Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pelvic Floor for Men & your sex life!

Blokes, you do have a pelvic floor, did you know that? Maybe you did..so do you know how to activate it and the benefits?

Let me tell you..(dont peek chicks, your turn next week)

Imagine you are lifting a weight (a light one) with your crown jewels..feel that lifting? like an elevator lifting up inside you?
Hola Pelvic Floor!!
So benefits to working them are ....?? Well the main one is to improve the sex life..performance, timing & strength..need I say more..
Im doing a flyer for you guys and will hand it out in class on Monday night .
Thankfully, fibres of the Transversus Abdominals run into the Pelvic Floor, so when you practice regular Pilates its an extra benefit..if you have a chick, see if she notices the benefit too..
so it doesnt just give you a strong healthy back, increased mobility in the hips, stronger leg muscles, stronger shoulders and core, mobility in the spine...etc etc etc

Sunday, 24 January 2010

How long do you sit down for?

Typical day for most of us...get up..shower..sit down eat breakfast, drink coffee/tea..sit down as drive to work or on the bus, sit down at the computer, sit down and eat lunch..sit down on the way home..get home..sit down and watch TV, sit down whilst chat online or on facebook playing games, updating the blog (!!)

Turns out you have no time to come to a class as you are sitting down..kids are in bed, theres cleaning up to do..before you know it ..its time for bed..and it all starts again!

so..due to your spines demand,  Office Pilates is born..I come to your office, usually 30 mins is all that is needed..pilates moves at the desk, standing, seated(correctly of course!), stretching, beneficial functional moves and stretches..moves to help avoid RSI, so important when you use a keyboard on a daily basis..

One flat rate fee..share it between office colleagues, for about 6 maximum of you...if theres more of you let me know, its not a problem at all!

want to know more..pilates@pilatesmad.co.uk       www.pilatesmad.co.uk

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rebecca's amazing!

Rebecca Leone - Pilates Nun (shes not a real nun you know..)

Hi you!!
Well the website has been sorted and should be working...well..I think so


I think the link to the Blog needs refining..patience my dears!

New prices etc are being released today, emails going out later to everyone whose email I have on file!

Anyway, whilst spending too much time on the laptop, I came across Rebeccas  (Pilates Nun..had privilege to attend workshops with her late last year) new video link to her little films on Pilates..mainly aimed at instructors but very interesting to watch if you are into Pilates and how it instantly changes your body with some words from your well trained Instructor and your well trained ears to listen and act..this is the link to a website that allows you to upload professional style videos, nicer than You Tube ..its free to register..those who want to be more professional about their videos pay to upgrade, but its FREE to watch..to do something different today..start to see the re-alignment in yourself


THEN..just type in Rebecca Leone in the search box and her videos come up...you will see the most most interesting things in misalignment in a body and as it straightens as she speaks  Nikkis Domes & Patricias Domes are the most effective and most noticeable..fascinating watching to see a shape change before your very eyes..

Sunday, 17 January 2010


ive re-branded!!! it wasnt painful either......

just to make the business more out there than it seeming just in Portreath..as i teach in Truro, Camborne and Hayle....makes sense....still me though and still great pilates classes too...!

website coming this week..email is now ..pilates@pilatesmad.co.uk

new facebook page, so click the badge on the left of this blog page...simple!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The White Stuff

I love the Snow..it make everything look clean and untouched ..until you have to go out in it, then you hate it..especially when it freezes..it gets dangerous then folks..so the classes tonight were cancelled, but thats no excuse to do nowt now is it?    (NO is the answer...I can hear you all say it..)
So I know you wont be bothered to get the mat on the floor whilst watching eastenders(or whatever..arent you fed up with watching the snow on the news...isnt anything else going on??) and the excuse will be you've just had dinner(or just about to), had a glass of vino, had a bar of choccy, had a piece of cake, feel too tired, had a hard day, its too cold..theres loads more..'cos Ive used them as well!!

So heres the thing..if you sit (sorry, I meant slouch)on the sofa please just sit up, on those sit bones, lengthen your spine, lift ribs from the hips, practice the lateral thoracic breathing & the core connection, do this for 5 minutes...time yourself with the timer on the cooker...when it goes beep and you have to stand up, push into your feet and push the floor away from you as you stand without using your arms to help you get up.....use your legs.....then go to sit down again and before your butt touches the sofa, stand up again...do this 5 -10 times ..dont use your arms, leave them out of it, or let them float up in front of you...then go and turn the beep beep thing off as its driving you nuts by now, then go to the bathroom and look in the mirror..look at your shoulders..no..really look at them..is one higher than the other? are they balanced left & right..do your arms rest by your sides..are your shoulders rounded? Do you sit at a computer..? well...
Now widen your collarbone..almost like it was smiling a big fat wide long smile and it was floating as it has 2 balloons tied to each end..your shoulder blades are melting down your back ...your head is as light as a balloon and lifting up and away from your shoulders and, as you grow taller , your abs that are below your navel draw in, the ribs stay away from the hips..you are taller, more confident and more beautiful! 
Now stay with the fab posture to do your whole body a favour for the rest of the day..see if you can...its hard work! How about the rest of your life?