Friday, 18 December 2009


Have just been asked to do an Editorial for a newsletter by Well Fit based
 here in Cornwall....on Pilates (what else?) this is a trial run

 Peace, Prosperity & Pilates

The 8 principles of Pilates include precision, focus, concentration, you move with precision, you focus on each muscles you are using, as you concentrate and work through the class you may feel muscles you never knew you had, and as you embrace Pilates in your daily routine as well as weekly classes, your body shape changes, friends notice your shape changes, you may look taller as your spine lengthens, neck lengthens, shoulders  are drawn away from your ears.  Anyone who has been practicing Pilates for a while knows all this to be true, and knows the deep stabilising  abdominal muscle is just the start of it, as the whole body is retrained to be balanced throughout .
So as you relax(hopefully!) throughout Christmas & the New Year, maybe starting Pilates and changing your body is going to be a New Years Resolution for you, if so, welcome aboard! Its not just for Rehab and bad backs, its for everyone.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Abs, back, maintaining a strong back for life..if you have back pain or not!

maintaining a mild contraction of the abdominal wall can help ensure sufficient spinal stability, but for some its not as straight forward as it some tend to push the abs out..lie on your side, rest your head on a pillow/cushion,place your flat palm against your lower abs, just below your navel, push the abs out, now draw them away from your hand, do it start to tie your breath it, exhale as you draw the abs in inhale as your release, have another go...try about 8 times, now do it seated and standing, dont squeeze your glutes though (bottom muscles!) as this is deep work, the deep ab muscle thet strengthens your back is attached to your spine and is below 3 other muscles, keep the work deep..

take time to look at your hip bones, are they level? is one higher than the other?
Stand up, look at yourself in a full length mirror, is your bum tucked underneath you, or is it pushed away from you?  have you never looked before? start from now, and look look at the TV everyday so why not take a few mins and look at your body everyday..dare you!

To reduce your back pain tuck your tailbone under, then push it away from you, s-l-o-w-l-y..repeat 5 times...then stop halfway between these 2 positions...your pubic bone (dont be shy!) and your hip bones are all on the same level arent they?? check! if not make the adjustment, even if its a centimetre.
2 basic things to put you on the road to a stronger back for life, now all you have to do is remember and use this all the time, 24/7, at work and back injuries usually happen when you are distracted, when you are lifting something at work and not concentrating, when you take the washing out of the machine , bending and rotating the torso as you pull the washing out..focus on your position until it becomes 2nd nature, take care of yourself!