Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kinetic Chain Assessments?

Ive recently been training with Dax Moy in Islington, London http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com/
learning all about KCA(Kinetic Chain Asessments) I have completed 14 , I needed to do 10 for my studies, and have found many interesting anatomical things with each one I have completed.

The latest is with a lady in Helston, who has back pain, which isnt uncommon in Lordotic posture types, as the pelvis is anteriorly tilted. I stand my client by a plumbline at first, and take their photo so they can see for themselves , then we go through the assessment highlighting facilitated and inhibited muscles in the body which contribute to back/shoulder/knee/ankle/neck pain.

This time, the KCA showed her inner unit was weak as were the gluteals, the rectus femoris and Iliopsoas were facilitated as were the pectorals. The Rhomboids and middle trapezius were inhibited, her right shoulder blade is winging, showing facilitated pec mimor and inhibited serratus and lower trapezius.
Forward head posture is noticeable in all of the assessments, with the head migrating forward of the plumbline cauing a lot of strain in the neck, shoulders and lower back, for every cms forward of the plumbline, the body has to cope with the weight of an additional head, a lot of force for the body to cope with.

KCA are interesting, reading the body and how it compensates, where the weaknesses and strengths lie, how to correct them to ensure your body works more efficiently, working towards your goal for a stronger effective less painful body to ensure health and wellbeing in the mind as well as the body.

Mel Collie