Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday

The suns out! get outside before it changes its mind! get your Vitamin D intake for the day.

I was up early, fed the chickens, let them out for a run and a peck amongst the weeds, picked up 2 eggs and poached them for breakfast with swedish rye bread and organic plum tomatoes.

Went for a walk around the village and on the beach which was starting to fill up with windbreakers and ice cream .
Now Im home, practicing Pilates for this weeks classes and correcting the internal domes, which is such an easy portable way to check your posture and muscular inbalances as you go through your day.

Align Pelvic floor,  diaphragm, breast bone(Sternum) soft palette of the roof of your mouth..think of them as your internal domes or spheres and balance them on top of each other. Each time I do this its usually my head thats too far forward, this creates tension in the shoulders and the lower back, all the way down the chain to the knees and the feet.

Balance yourself out x

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